Church Fellowships

Walworth Methodist Church was a pioneer within Methodism in developing ‘national fellowships’ to better serve the needs of different communities within the church.

Our fellowships usually meet monthly after the 11.00am service. The fellowships provide pastoral care for their members and practical help in times of need, such as bereavement. Each fellowship has an annual thanksgiving service and organises social events at Christmas and other times of the year.

Fundraising for projects overseas is an important part of the fellowships’ work and over the years considerable sums of money have been sent to schools, hospitals, churches and medical research.

New members are always welcome.

Members of the Nigeria Fellowship enjoy a barbecue in Burgess Park

The regular meeting dates are:

1st Sunday of each month  Ghana Fellowship
2nd Sunday of each month Sierra Leone Fellowhip
3rd Sunday of each month Nigeria Fellowship
4th Sunday of each month Women’s Fellowship, Men’s Fellowship

Other fellowships: Zimbabwe Fellowship, Young Adults’ Fellowship

To get in touch with the fellowships, please contact the church office.

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PHONE: 020 7703 2477

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