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There has been a Sunday School at Walworth off and on for over 200 years, although we are about to celebrate our 12th Thanksgiving service on 26th June 2022.

Sunday school is divided into two classes, that is: lower and upper school

  • The Lower School ages 3-8 years old
  • The Upper School ages 9-16 years old

We celebrate the children’s birthdays monthly, but we have been unable since the covid, this we plan to commence back soon.

During the covid, we engaged the children twice weekly via zoom with lots of activities, which was successful. It was nice coming back to church and having the children around.

Every Sunday, we do bible passages relating to the day’s sermon and differentiate to meet the children’s needs according to their age group. We support the younger ones during the lesson with videos, images, art and craft.

For the older ones, we do organise talks and activities for them.
We provide refreshments for the children during Sunday school with support from the teachers, parents, and patrons.

Yearly Functions:

  • Yearly thanksgiving service in June
  • Annual family fun day in July
  • Children’s Christmas party in December
  • Children participate in the ‘beauty and diversity’ programme for Black History Month

Upcoming functions:

• 26th June 2022- 12th thanksgiving service
• 23rd July 2022- A family fun day
• 10th December- Children’s Christmas party


This is generated from the walk-up offering during our thanksgiving service, donations from patrons, and selling of raffle tickets. A generous donation from the congregation usually helps to support our family fun day near the time.

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