Caring for ourselves and others during the covid-19 pandemic


Dear Christian Friends.

At this difficult and challenging times, we would like to assure you that you will never walk alone.

We hope you are all adhering to the Government’s Covid-19 Pandemic guidelines, especially the Social Distancing recommendations.

We would like to remind you all of the importance of looking after your holistic health, ie. your emotional wellbeing and your physical health. As we battle through, some of us may hear challenging news about friends, acquaintances and loved ones. The news network is full of difficult news and headlines

Most people are working from home, some are key workers and have to go to work. Some are just observing social distancing in line with the government’s Covid-19 Pandemic recommendations. Some of us live alone, some live with family members.

Please put some time aside to check on your own mental health and well-being as well as your physical health.

We would also like to urge you to please put some time aside to check on your friends and family.

Please note that the Pastoral Ministry of the Church continues to operate. If you require any support please do not hesitate to  contact those in your Church responsible for Pastoral Care: the Ministers and appointed Pastoral Carers (Class Leaders, Pastoral Visitors, Fellowship and Organization’s Welfare Officers etc.)

Please remember:   Look after yourself and your family and loved ones. Also, stay safe.

We would like to share some useful mental health and well-being  tips with you. Hope you will find them useful.

Please don’t feel afraid or embarrassed to ask for help at any time. The government has got the Mental Health First Aiders for young people who could be contacted at Mental Health Workforce for Schools- MHFA England and the NHS Every Mind Matters (for all).

It may be that some of us are calm. Some may be confused, stressed, bored, lonely, anxious and overwhelmed, but remember:  some things have not been cancelled i.e. laughter, staying in touch with friends, loved ones and families (via telephone, skype, zoom and other IT enabled resources), music and hope. Make sure you enjoy them especially your kind of music.

Stick to routines or start new ones (although it is also ok if you find this challenging). Get up, get dressed, exercise, get up and go to bed at regular normal times.

Stay connected to your friends and families. Have video chats, check in with your loved ones regularly.

Engage in hobbies and things you enjoy

Set up a worries window:  write out all your worries during the day and give your self time to think and reflect on them and try to resolve them daily

Engage in well-being practices, such as exercise. Write down 3 things you are grateful for daily.

If you require financial support or support with essential Living Activities, please contact your local Age Concern Organizations, your Local Food Banks, your local Council (for contact details of local charities delivering food parcels and other essential services).

Please note that people with Long Term Medical Conditions should contact their GPs who will direct them to appropriate services for support.

Please remember:  Laughter is not on lockdown and please do not put a lot of focus on negative press and negative social media releases.

Stay positively blessed. Peace to you all.

Safeguarding Team